Implementing solutions for a low carbon future

16.11.2017 09:30

Organisers:, the European federation for Renewable Energy Cooperatives and Sitra

Venue: EU Pavilion (Bonn Zone), COP23 Bonn

To achieve the goals set in the Paris agreement countries need to ramp up their climate efforts significantly. One of the most significant tools is the decarbonization of the energy system. We already have proven and tested low-carbon solutions that have successfully cut emissions in the energy sector, and they bear significant scale-up potential in other countries too. Decarbonization of the energy system can be done, and countries can learn from each other’s achievements.

Community Energy initiatives in particular, through increasing public acceptance, can play an important and accelerating role in decarbonizing our energy system. In a decentralized and smart energy system, together with renewable energy sources, new technologies such as e-mobility and charging infrastructure are gaining importance. As the nature of this distributed ecosystem poses serious challenges to the network, a coherent approach and level playing field for all energy actors is required.

This event showcases two initiatives promoting the development and scaling up of low-carbon energy solutions: Nordic Green to Scale studies the potential of scaling up existing low-carbon solutions to countries in East Europe and East Africa, while the WiseGRID project aims to provide a harmonization between smarter systems and empowered citizens.

What else is Sitra doing in COP23? Check our leaflet.


9:50Big picture through Green to Scale
10:10Community Energy Projects: a way to promote and use low carbon technologies and services 
10:30Wide scale demonstration of Integrated Solutions for European Smart Grid 
10:50Q&A and wrap-up


The EU Pavilion will be located within the conference venue, in the "Bonn" zone dedicated to climate action events, media events and exhibits.

All participants must be duly registered through a Party or an Observer organization and in possession of a conference badge relevant for the zone "Bonn" in order to be granted access to the conference venue.